Search & Selection, Webhunting, Social Media Recruiting

How do we find the right fit for your company?

For your personnel search and selection, we guide you from classic recruiting to webhunting & social media search to your very best recruiting solution. All within the framework of a strategic search in the relevant local and international market segments. And you have certainly heard of AI job marketing and intelligent target group addressing in digital recruiting? There is already no way around it.

Personnel consulting in the Vienna office

As human resources consultants, we have been advising and supporting our clients for 25 years in recruiting projects, team building and integration of new employees, executive search for the direct approach of management and specialists as well as the implementation of staffing procedures and management hearings. The basis for the success of our projects is first and foremost a precise and comprehensive analysis of the applicant market and the specific target groups. Within the framework of a personal briefing and taking into account your corporate goals, organizational structure and company culture, we advise you on the recommended approach to search and selection.

When filling a wide variety of positions, we are also happy to pay special attention to junior executives with high potential in the interest of the long-term optimal development of your teams and business units. 

We are human resource experts who stand by our clients' side on a long-term basis - and this with passion for our job.

Assessment expertise, keen sense of people, innovative recruiting tools

Each of our recruiting projects is tailor-made and based on a precise requirements profile developed together with you as well as a focused market and target group analysis for professional candidate acquisition - whether by means of advertisement placement or direct approach. In consultation with our clients, we define the target group, industrie targets and select the optimal search strategy as well as the appropriate selection methods.

  • Search & Selection (Media and Database)
  • Webhunting, social media recruiting
  • AI job marketing
  • Intelligent target group addressing
  • Digital Media & Database Search 
  • Design and Development of Assessment Center, Motivational Analyses
  • Potential evaluations as well as personality and professional tests
  • On request, follow-up support during the team integration of your new employees

«The perfect mixture of innovative tools and classic learnings that have proven themselves time and again.» 

We look forward to speaking to you soon and supporting you in your recruiting needs, because demanding projects are our forte!